How to Deal with Your Child’s Tantrums

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Screams, tantrums, sibling rivalry. These are all things I deal with on a daily basis. There are days when I am so done with it all that I get a small urge to drive a thousand miles away. Of course, the love I have for my children will always outweigh the stress they often bring me.

Some days I feel like I am the worst parent in the world. Those are the days when I just couldn’t keep myself under control. I probably yelled at my kids a few times, because, well, sometimes I can’t keep it together either.

I have always had a hard time dealing with stress, and let me tell you putting kids into the mix definitely doesn’t help. I wish I could say I’m a perfect parent, but I’m pretty sure there is no such thing no matter how much it may seem like your friend is. Chances are they’ve had moments they aren’t too proud of either.

What I have learned from my melt downs is that I need to learn to control myself before I can help my children. A lot of people try to control their child before they help themselves. When I figured out that calming myself down first helped me to be a better parent I was overjoyed. This is a big deal! This seems to be the secret recipe.

Another effective method for dealing with child temper tantrums is to envision how you want to react when you child is having a tantrum. Do this during a relaxed moment. Make sure to hold yourself to this standard when the moment of truth comes. It may seem hard at first, but overtime you will be able to do what you have envisioned.

The final thing to remember is that you are your child’s teacher in life. How do you want your child to react in a similar situation? Chances are you want them to be able to remain calm. There is no better gift than teaching your child a valuable life tool.

So the next time your child, or mine, decide to get upset can you all vow with me to calm ourselves down first, hold ourselves to our highest standards when our children are not their best, and teach our children the best version of themselves? Let’s all remember that our children are the future. Let’s make it the best future we can!

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