5 Awesome Play Tents

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Whenever I look around for fun creative play items for my children I always get caught up when I come across play tents. I love all the different fun designs that are available! If my children didn’t already have a couple of different play tents I would probably buy ten more.

Play tents are great, because they take up little space, can be put away to store, and will get your child’s imagination in gear.

There are literally 100’s of different types of play tents available. I would like to go over my 5 favorite play tents that I think you will all agree are pretty sweet!

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5 Awesome Play Tents

1. Rocket Ship Play Tent

3, 2, 1 blast off! That’s what my daughter shouts every time she plays with this tent. It brings out the space explorer in her. I absolutely love how it brings out her creative play. We create our own astronaut costumes, look through the telescope, and pretend to walk on the moon. Every time I bring out this tent we have so much fun!

Another reason I like the Rocket Ship Play Tent is because it’s easy to move, store, and easy to clean. The material is very durable. We have not had any issues so far. If you have a child that is 3 or older they are sure to have some fun playing in this rocket ship. 


2. Kids Tee-Pee Tent

When I was a little kids I had a tee-pee play tent and I thought it was the best. I see a lot of tee-pee style play tents and really like the design of them. They are simply, unique, and still a lot of fun for your kids.

One fun thing you can do with a tee-pee style tent is to make a book nook out of it. Set up the tent, add a comfy rug, some pillows, and place a book shelf nearby. I bet it will be your child’s favorite spot to read some stories.




3. Princess Castle Play Tent

You know I couldn’t pass this one up. What little girl doesn’t want a pretty pink princess castle tent?! I think this is the cutest tent ever!

The tent has glow in the dark stars, is portable, and easy to set up so you can keep it up for a while or put it away when you little one is done playing.

I like this tent, because your child can dress up as a princess and pretend she lives in the castle. Great tent for stimulating creativity!



4. Mushroom Play Tent

I thought this was a really fun looking outdoorsy tent. The tent looks like a big play mushroom! I immediately thought of the Smurfs and fairies when I saw it. Anyone else think this?

This tent looks like so much fun that it gets my imagination going so I can only imagine how much fun kids can have with it.




5. Playhut Paw Patrol Marshall Fire Truck Playhouse
Paw Patrol, check. Fire truck, check. Play tent, check. When I saw this tent my jaw dropped a little. The artwork on the tent is very detailed and nicely designed.

The tent comes with a pretend fire extinguisher, shovel, play hose and Paw Patrol bracelet accessory. I think this would be a great tent to bring out the rescuer is your child. They can have fun fighting fires and saving others with Paw Patrol on their side.



All of these tents are so fun, creative, and unique. Do any of you have any play tents that you think are pretty sweet?

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