4 of the Best Learning Toys for Your Toddler

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I am one of those moms that is constantly thinking about and trying to come up with ways learning can be fun for my children. Easily enough, daycare takes care of most of these things. Beyond that, though, I still want my children to have engaging toys or activities for when they are home, too.

When I think about what I want my children to learn, what types of toys will help them, and what my children will enjoy playing with it can seem like a daunting task to search for the right toys. After some research I was able to find a few different toys that I thought would be great for my little toddlers and yours!

Here is a short list of 4 of the best learning toys for your toddler:

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1. Melissa & Doug See & Spell Wooden Puzzle

Melissa & Doug is one of my favorite toy brands ever for so many different reasons. Not only are their toys of great quality, but they are also engaging, attractive, and most importantly, fun for your kids.

I decided to get the See & Spell puzzle for my 3 year-old daughter and she loves it! She has always been very good with letters and puzzles so I knew this would be the perfect toy for her.

I love the fact that this is a puzzle that allows your child to build the correct word while seeing a picture to associate it with. This seems like the perfect connection for a child’s brain to make. I highly recommend this toy! This toy is recommended for 4-6 year-olds.


2. Melissa & Doug Latches Wooden Activity Board

Like I said I LOVE Melissa & Doug so I had to include the Wooden Latches Board on here, too. My son has this toy in his daycare room so I decided to get it for at home. It says it’s recommended for 3-6 year-olds, but my 16 month-old seems to be able to work it just fine.

I love this toy, because it builds fine motor skills while your child works each lock and also helps your child with learning numbers, colors, and animals. It is a very engaging toy that will keep your little one busy for quite some time.


3. VTech Sort & Discover Activity Cube

Vtech is another one of my favorite brands for young kids. I particularly like the Vtech Sort & Discover Activity Cube, because it’s perfect for young toddlers. The age recommendation is for 9 months- 3 years old. I would lean more towards the younger side, but I can see how older toddlers would like it, too.

The great thing about this toy is that it’s basically 5+ toys in one. It has musical book pages, light-up piano keys, an animal spinner to teach about animals, shape sorter, gears & spinners, and animal sliders that your child can move around. This toy promotes fine motor skills and hand eye coordination along with teaching your child animal sounds, numbers, and more. This toys seems like one heck of a deal!


4. VTech Write and Learn Creative Center

When I saw this toy I thought, “HOLY CRAP! This seems perfect for my daughter!”. This toy is designed to help your child learn how to write different letters and it’s customized to help them write their own name. It also has 26 different objects that your child can learn how to draw to get their creative side going.

Another great thing about this toy is that it saves a lot of paper. Most importantly you don’t have to worry about your child writing on the walls or furniture since the “pen” only works on the board. Any toy that lessens clean-up time for me and provides me extra sanity  is always a plus!


There are so many fun, interactive, and educational toys out there so it was hard to choose only a few. When I did my review I based it on the skills children between 1-4 need to work on and how entertaining the toy is. There’s no point in getting an educational toy if your little one thinks it’s boring.
I hope you all enjoyed this list of learning toys. If any of you have any of these toys let me know what you think.

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