3 Toddler Birthday Party Ideas

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It’s party time! I’m sure those are the words your child yells every year, along with lots of “Happy Birthday to Me” songs, and asking when their party is. I mean what kids doesn’t love celebrating their birthday?

Birthday parties are so much fun, especially when your child is young. I love creating fun themed birthday parties for my little one’s, so I decided to create a list of different toddler birthday party ideas.


1.Daniel Tiger

First on my list is a Daniel Tiger themed birthday party. When my daughter turned three I decided to throw her a Daniel Tiger party and she LOVED it! Daniel Tiger is a huge hit not only for her, but for me, too. The show provides lots of wonderful learning songs that my daughter loves and I approve of.

Red, orange, and yellow are the main color schemes for this theme. I incorporated these colors throughout the room with red table clothes, red and yellow streamers, and orange tiger striped balloons. I bought all my party supplies here

I decided to make a pin the nose on Daniel Tiger game. All I did was print a picture of Daniel Tiger’s face, trace over his nose 10 times, color everything, and cut out the nose pieces. I made sure to bring tape to stick the picture to the wall and the noses to the picture, as well as, a clothe to cover up the eyes. The kids really liked this game

Another big hit was the trolley cardboard cutout I made. I took a big piece of cardboard, made three sections, cut some holes for windows, and painted the main part red with some yellow seats. This was great to use for pictures.

To top everything off I made sure to have a Daniel Tiger birthday cake. I went to a local bakery and they did an awesome job. My daughter was able to keep a little keepsake trolley and Daniel Tiger figure from the cake. Some people chose to make their own cakes so you could go that route, too. Here’s some ideas if you want to make your own cake.

Overall, this birthday was a huge hit. It didn’t cost much so it was great for a tight budget. Hopefully, you can use some of these ideas if your child is into Daniel Tiger.



My daughter and son LOVE owls! I decided to throw my daughter an owl birthday party when she turned two. It was so stinkin’ adorable.

For color scheme we used dark purple, light purple, and pink. I decorated with purple table clothes, pink and purple streamers, and created some balloons to look like owls. The owl balloons were a ton of fun to make and were also a huge hit with the kids and adults.

Games included: coloring owl masks to wear, who can hoot like an owl(great for kids 2-3), and boop the owl balloon around the room. The kids had fun creating their own masks to wear at the party. The hooting game was also great, because it allowed the kids to learn what an owl sounds like and how an owl acts. The funnest game was, of course, booping around one of the owl balloons. The kids and adults had so much fun chasing the balloon around trying to keep it off the floor.

We had a super cute owl cake made for this party. I went to a local bakery where they used a bunch of different cupcakes to create an owl shape. I don’t think the cake could have turned out any better.

If you are looking for a place to buy owl party supplies Amazon has a great list.

If you are looking for some additional party ideas or games click here.



For my son’s first birthday we had to throw a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party. This is a very popular theme right now so it’s something that can be used for many different ages.

We decorated with green balloons turning them into different turtles by putting orange, red, purple, or blue streamers around them. The ninja turtle action figures my son has were used as centerpieces. We also had green table clothes with orange, red, purple, and blue streamers around the room.

Since my son was turning one we didn’t do much for games, but I did decide to make a ninja turtle cut out. This was a great piece to use for pictures, as well as, add to the room. The adults loved this idea so much that my sister-in-law decided to use the idea for her son’s birthday party a few months later.

With two little kids and not much time I decided to get the cake at a local bakery. I was a pretty traditional cake with the four ninja turtles. My son also had a cute smash cake with all the ninja turtle colors on it. He sure did love that cake! If you want to make your own cake use a round cake pan to make the face of a ninja turtle. Easy to do and cost effective.

If you have an older child and want to throw a TMNT birthday party there are so many great ideas. Click here for more fun games.


Hopefully, reading this list has given you some great ideas on what to do for your child’s next birthday party. All I can say is now I can’t wait until my kids next party, or maybe I can? After all, I don’t want them to grow up too fast.

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