3 Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies

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bottlesAs soon as I found out I was pregnant I decided my baby would be breastfed. While breastfeeding may be relatively easy to do while staying home with your baby, it’s not so easy once it’s time to go back to work.

About 4 weeks before it was time to go back to my job I started to try different bottles.

My daughter was one of the difficult babies. She did not want to transition to the bottle for anything. I swear I tried everything possible, but she just wanted mommy. As a last effort I decided to switch up the bottle I was using and to my surprise, and relief, it worked!

I wanted to share with you all what I have used and what some other mom’s I know have used to successfully transition their babies from breast to bottle.

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1.Playtex Vent Aire

I used this bottle with both of my babies and they transitioned with no effort. The nipple is designed to be similar to a mother’s breast which is exactly what you want when finding a bottle for your breastfed baby.

Another great thing is that the bottle angles a bit. The angling can be helpful with keeping the baby elevated to help prevent ear infection. It also has air holes at the bottom which helps with gas and spit ups.

Last of all, you can get liners for these bottles which can be really nice. The bottle warms up quicker and it makes for a super easy clean up.

Overall, this was a great bottle to use and I would gladly use it again. Many mom’s I have talked to love this bottle.

Quick Review:

  • similar to mom’s breast
  • easy to clean
  • affordable
  • BPA-free
  • great for gas and spit up relief
  • 3 different nipple flow levels(0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6 months +)


2. Comotomo Silicone Bottle

A lot of mothers who have a had a hard time transitioning their babies absolutely love this bottle for their breastfed baby and for good reason. This bottle has had so many rave reviews I couldn’t pass up talking about it!

It is a new bottle design that is made out of silicone, but is still BPA-free. The silicone texture is to give the bottle a skin like feel. The nipple is shaped like a mother’s breast with a wide flow opening. There are vents to allow trapped air to escape which will help with colic, gas, and acid reflux.

I wish I would have heard of this bottle sooner. I would have loved to try it with my youngest.

Quick Review:

  • similar to mom’s’ breast
  • squeezable, silicone bottle
  • easy to clean
  • great for gas, colic, and spit up
  • affordable
  • Nitrosamine-free & BPA-free
  • 3 nipple flow levels(0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6 months +)


3. NUK Simply Natural

This is another relatively new bottle design that mimics a mother’s breast which is perfect for breastfed babies. The nipple has between 3-9 holes which is meant to be similar to the natural flow of milk from a breast. Of course, the fewer the holes the slower the flow. I absolutely love this feature! What an awesome idea!

The location of the vent that helps with air control is probably the least desirable trait for this bottle. Because of its location it can easily be blocked by baby’s hand. Of course, many bottles have this same feature.

Many mom’s would recommend this bottle because it allows them to switch between breast and bottle with ease.

Quick Review

  • similar to mom’s breast
  • clear Tritan bottle
  • odor & stain resistant
  • 3-9 holes(fewer holes=slower flow)
  • BPA-free
  • affordable

While there are many different types of bottles out there I felt comfortable recommending the 3 listed. They all have similar traits, but are still different in their own wonderful way. Even if you don’t use one of the listed bottles I hope what I have provided gives you all a good idea of what you want to help your baby transition from breast to bottle.

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